Waste Management Products and Services


Material is received as either mixed or pre-sorted such examples being:

  • Top soil
  • Inert Material (Soils, Clays etc)
  • Clean Brick – Concrete
  • Contaminated Soil
  • Mixed Construction – Demolition
  • Mixed Industrial
  • Mixed Commercial
  • Household Mixed Municipal
  • Sewage treatment grits + screenings
  • Gypsum / Plasterboard
  • Wood – packaging only
  • Wood – mixed material
  • Sawdust
  • Paper
  • Cardboard
  • Paper – Cardboard – Plastic – Mixed
  • Plastic – PET
  • Plastic – HDPE
  • Plastic – LDPE
  • Mixed Packaging Glass (bottles+jars)
  • Mixed Non Packaging Glass
  • Tyres
  • Green Waste
  • Electrical Equipment
  • Bonded Asbestos

Darlington Facility

The John Wade Group operate the Civic Amenity Site for Darlington Borough Council; added to this is a Waste Transfer Station, open to receive light commercial vehicles working in Darlington, who may find the site more convenient than travelling to Aycliffe, not forgetting we also provide a Skip hire service as an alternative.

John Wade Darlington Facility
John Wade Darlington Facility
John Wade Darlington Facility


John Wade waste hierachy

Our reporting procedures will also allow you to demonstrate pre-treatment of waste and enable you to maintain and further demonstrate legislative compliance supported with all relevant documentation i.e. weighbridge tickets, monthly or weekly summaries of waste movements and itemized transfer notes.

Information from the facilities is fed back to clients to enable them to demonstrate their recycling achievements as a combination of all our efforts. This information also forms part of the service we provide through our Skip Hire Services.

The “Hierarchy of Waste” promotes the Minimisation, Re-use and Recycle, Energy from Waste and Landfill in that order of preference. The John Wade Group has invested in both equipment and people (the Group employs over 150 people of which 30+ are involved in waste management) with the aim of maximising recovery and recycling.

Recycled Paper and Cardboard

Paper and cardboard brought in from pre-sorted collections together with that which is recovered from mixed waste, is baled and made ready for shipment to paper mills in the UK and around the world.

Recycled Glass Plastics and Metals
Recycled Glass Plastics and Metals

Recycled Glass Plastics and Metals

Glass and plastics collect by Darlington Council Kerbside schemes, are sorted and separated where required and the products are then sent for processing back into bottles cans etc.

John Wade Metal Recycling
John Wade Glass Recycling
John Wade Plastics Recycling

Recycled Aggregates

Demolition materials such as concrete, brick etc are processed back into aggregates for use as construction products. This involves crushing, screening and cleaning the product to bring it to a quality inline with the WRAP Protocol, a standard that sets the quality for material to be accepted back into the marketplace. Failure to achieve this standard greatly restricts the acceptable use of the finished product as it will otherwise still retain a waste classification. The John Wade Group has achieved this Protocol status and is on the list of approved suppliers to many Local Councils.

John Wade Recycled Aggregates

Recycled Wood

Wood that is sorted on site normally fall into one of two grades;
Grade A – Pallets and package wood is recycled into numerous grades of animal bedding, but must be free of dust and contamination.
Grade C – Mixed wood, Chipboard, MDF and painted woods are all used sent to a Power Station to produce heat and electricity.

John Wade Wood Recycling

Waste Disposal

As well as waste treatment the site also provides for landfill disposal of Non-Hazardous waste but it does not end there; the landfill cells are fully engineered to ensure maximum containment and to prevent harm to the environment, and on completion the land is restored to agriculture. During the construction shredded tyres are used as part of the drainage layers therefore reducing the need to use valuable gravel products.

Waste Disposal
John Wade Waste Recycling
Waste Disposal

The gas from the decomposition of the waste is not lost as it is harnessed to produce electricity, which is fed into the National Grid. The site currently generates enough electricity to power some 1000 households, and plans are in place to collect even more.

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