Environmental Policy

By the very nature of the John Wade Group business portfolio, environmental concerns are high on the agenda.

Our aim is to help our clients manage their responsibility to safely dispose of their waste. As this challenge can vary greatly depending on the waste produced, we have developed a comprehensive Waste Facility at Aycliffe Quarry.

Our waste management division, skip hire division and transport fleet all compliment the service we provide to help meet these demands.

All the waste streams collected and brought to Aycliffe Quarry are carefully separated to gain maximum recovery. We constantly review these products to find new markets therefore maximising our output and reducing our reliance on landfill.

Wherever sustainable; we will find a use for waste materials to reduce the reliance on raw materials such as metals, wood and stone products etc.

Our landfill cells are designed and built to the latest specifications to ensure no harm can come to the local environment, along with the Landfill Gas being extracted and used to produce electricity, which is fed into the National Grid.

We ensure our own Carbon Footprint from operations is as little as possible. We use modern equipment fitted with engines that are the most efficient yet and can be found in everything from cars and trucks to crushers and diggers. Transport logistics focus on maximising loads therefore reducing vehicle movements, with attention to localism (utilising local facilities) where possible.

Whilst running a site as diverse as Aycliffe Quarry we have to be fully aware of our surroundings. Both during and after operations exist on site; our restoration programme considers everything from Great Crested Newts, Dingy Skipper Butterflies to grazing stock and surrounding water courses. All of which have to find a way to co-exist.

Posing the questions

“what do we do” and “why do we do it”

Very often raises debate and brings about change.

Something for us all to think about!

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environmental policy
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Environmental Policy

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